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Look at me go! It's not noon and I'm making my post!

Weather wise today is going to be a sunny day and look at the gorgeous bottle that today's numerology works out to.

11-4-2020 = 10 = 1

Bottle #11 Duality magenta/clear

Bottle # 10 Wheel of Fortune gold/olive

Bottle #1 The Sun yellow/yellow

It is becoming clear (bottom of #11) that we must be more vigilant to be kind to ourselves (top of #11), encourage harmony & balance today. Magenta is the colour that helps create a balance of our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies.

Now, pull in the beautiful gold (top of #10) and claim your authentic power. Step into that I AM that is still resonating from yesterday! Know that there is hope in the future and the olive (bottom of #10) increases calmness which is greatly needed at this time.

And now....

It all goes down to #1 that gorgeous yellow just gleaming with joy and optimism. Get outside and enjoy what you can of the glorious sun! Let this day be fun and allow the yellow to feed your creative mind with new, joyful ideas.

All, in all, this day is glorious. Even if there are clouds, breath in that beautiful yellow, gold, olive and magenta and balance you entire body today!

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