A Hug

Frosty morning to all from "The Farm" As the frost on trees, a simple gesture of warmth, a hug.......will warm the frigid cold bark. Many people when hurting will want you to stay away. They will not want to have contact with people. It's not because they don't want to, it maybe the simple fact they don't want others to see them, what they may deem a weak moment? A time when they feel they are the only ones that are hurting that way and no one else may understand. A hug............a simple gesture that means nothing more than, "I care, I am here". It's not a difficult or expensive gift but one that is worth millions. Have an amazing Sunday. Let your AWESOMENESS shine!! Hugs,

Tip for lessening "gift" giving stress from "The Farm"

Instead of giving your children gifts of toys and electronics that take them away from you...give them a gift that brings them to you! Spending full focus time with your children or grandchildren is the biggest and best gift ever! Make a memory!! An overnight trip or even just a day trip that you do things, learn things, cool adventures together.......with no interruptions! It costs far less than you think! We began doing this 4 years ago with our Grandchildren. We can't afford a whole lot and I finally got smart. I keep all receipts when doing "Christmas" shopping and one year I woke up! I realized that between 3 (at that time) Grandchildren we were spending close to $1000 on "stuff"...

Good morning from "The Farm"

A fresh blanket of snow to cover the ground and keep what is beneath it warm. Yes.....keep it warm. It's all how you look at it. Have an amazing day........ HUGS.......

Little something for everyone

Came across this and thought it is perfect for my not so serious followers and children! Hope you had an amazing weekend and thumbs up to the start of a new week. Love & hugs,

So you think your child is ADHD? Think again.

I found this article this morning and I hope it will help explain to people, especially parents that, their child may be extremely insightful and/or gifted. So before you allow them to be drugged........ I work with some parents with what they had thought was their child/children being difficult. After reading the child/children and speaking on "their turf", it was understood that these children were NOT difficult but gifted children and BORED! I am humbled at the chats we have after I have read the child. This is a long read but so worth it if you are "worried" about your child. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Things Only ADHD (Highly Creative)

We Begin As One

My life is full of amazing adventures, twists, turns and epiphany moments........... but when I sit down with someone and begin to read and I am given the most amazing information for them......... it still wows even me. There is something that I would like to pass on to anyone who has received a reading be it from someone else or myself about similarities. In speaking with another reader recently they were a bit discerned by something a client had said...this is what I told them. "When receiving/giving a reading there are some "mainstay" things that Spirit gives to each person, for a different reason but, they may sound like a similar type of message for a couple of people. Know that if you


Good windy morning everyone! I want to share with you all something personal. I hope it will help others come to better understanding of "listening". Spirit and the Universe have been giving me point blank messages and yet, I still have a difficult time accepting them! Why, not sure....I'm serious......yes me and why? Yes, I have been blessed with an amazing gift of sight from every level and aspect of the Universe and Spirit........do I still have a hard time "believing" this........ You betcha! I still question...why me? What makes me so special, I'm just a human like everyone else?? I met an amazing soul (2 actually, her hubby) in Toronto over the wknd and was gifted.......yes...."gifted"

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