It's not for everyone

I had been debating whether or not to post this and, well………here it is. One This time of year is a mixed bag of emotions for many people. Not everyone is of the “Christmas” spirit. Not everyone likes this time of year. Not everyone “HAS” to be “merry or joyful” at this time of year and it doesn’t mean they don’t care or are just plain miserable! Not everyone is of religious belief and remember, we live in one of the most multi-ethnic countries in the world. What your take is, may not be theirs. You don’t know this persons story so don’t judge them. Allow each person their own view, their feelings at this time of year, to celebrate, if they choose, the way they want to, if THEY choose to.

Do you have a hard to buy for person?

Gift Certificates available for a variety of sessions. Why not give a gift that will be totally personal to them? A gift of guidance, connecting with loved ones past? Give a reading session, Past Life Regression session, Spiritual Holistic personal coaching session or relaxation massage? Live in another province or country? No problems, readings can be delivered via phone, Skype or in person. #gift

Are you truly happy?

During readings, I maybe guided to give this advice below.....everyone is different but it's the same. As we near the end of 2015 why not look at what you may be able to leave behind so that 2016 starts off awesome. Have you ever just sat back and asked yourself... "am I truly happy....what is it that makes me truly happy?" Have you received an honest answer from yourself? When asking, don't allow your "ego" to answer that. You will know it is ego because the answer may take a bit of thinking. Your "true self" will give you the answer immediately! Staying in a job, relationship, etc., where you are not happy, where you dread going or being, only increases your unhappiness that may lead


There will be days that are much different from others and you don't know why? Why do you feel disconnected? Why do you feel invisible? What am I suppose to do? When all of these questions come flying into your head, go outside or look outside..........look up and surrenender those questions............... Trust they will be answered because they will be. Let it go and float up........... Leave it up to "them".

No residue

Move into each day with a fresh, clean outlook. What happened yesterday is no longer what is going to happen today. Wake each day with the affirmation "today, I will be better than yesterday. I am in total control of my actions" . Remember...........actions speak louder than words so be kind to yourself and others. Smile at yourself and's amazing how much it will lift you up. Have an amazing.......awesome day! Much love, was NO....NOW!

I just love it when Spirit decides what the best time to do something is. I have been driving around with a broken gold chain and my engagement and wedding rings in my wallet for well over 6 months. The jeweler I go to, the only one I completely trust, J.P Harris, in like 10 minutes from my home. I have been in town many, many, many times, walked past, driven past but never stopped to drop this jewelry off for some reason or another. was different. I was "commanded" to stop and take these items in to have repaired and resized. Well I didn't want to because I had things to get home to do BUT........ it was NO........NOW! I walk in and began talking and explainin

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