“Time heals all wounds”……does it or do we “shift” it?

When something so powerful has thought to be lost, it has only been shifted. That intense energy is felt for a very long time because it was our safe and familiar but mostly, it was LOVE. That will never go away and it is not expected to! When we lose someone the void, loneliness and emptiness may feel unbearable….own that feeling…….or don’t! YOU have the right to grieve in YOUR way, not what someone else deems to be “right”! There is no right way to grieve and there is no wrong way……just YOUR own way. If you cry…..cry! If you don’t, well………you don’t!! It doesn’t matter! Everyone has their own way of grieving and healing with the loss of a loved one. The hardest parts are the “firsts” o

Spirit Speaks Anywhere!

What a fabulous way to start a GORGEOUS sunny day! I had a personal appointment first thing this morning and while I was there I received a call from a client. I was unable to take it at that moment but once I was done and back in my truck I called them back. They were very anxious and wanted a reading "right now" even though I told them that I would be home in 20 minutes......nope......NOW! So, that is what they received. I give readings via phone, Skype, one on one and yes...from my truck too! I am bluetooth equiped and my truck is also MY space. I would post a pic of my truck but it needs a bath.........badly! When you need guidance and need Spiritual assistance, Spirit speaks from an

and.......BAM.........there it is!!

Once again the Minions have given me something. LOL When you are going through tough times it may be difficult to understand that someone does cares. Did it occur to you that it may be you who has pulled away, because you feel you don't want to burden them with your woes? Did you stop to ask if it makes your friends or family members wonder if you need them? It's also the same for Spiritually gifted people.......because we, at times, feel that no one understands us. Some have said "they don't care because they don't take the time to listen, get to know who I really am, to understand me............the real me". Sometimes it takes a little bit extra effort.......but isn't that better than fee

Have you changed?

Over the past year or so, so many people have said to me, "you've changed...........what's going on with you, you've changed?" No............. I have not changed. I am still the person I was the day I was born........... I chose to change my life to reflect who I truly am. I still speak truth, I still say it like I see it.............. I still speak with Divine and those that have past before me......... I have been and will continue to be the vessel to bring words of guidance, healing and love to all those who are guided to receive a reading through me. I am ME........ I AM........... #change #changed #life

2015 Reflection

I was working on some business stuff all of a sudden I was told, “Kathryn, it’s time to reflect, time to give a good look at what has transpired over these 12 past months”. So, being the good girl I am (uhhumm…LOL) I am doing what I am told. The first and foremost…….. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who have perused my website, to all of you who have “liked” my Facebook page and to all of those beautiful souls who entrusted me to be their messenger of words from loved ones and the Divine. Without your support, kind words and trust, I would not be fulfilling my life purpose. Thank you for allowing me to enter your private, scared energy space so that I am able to do

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