I Would Like To Clear The Air Please

This may sound like a rant and if it does, well………means that Spirit has deemed it so. My journey is to assist people, to help them become even better than who they are, to be who they are meant to be and, if my personal story helps then I am beyond happy. Sometimes it takes part of someone else’s journey, or experience, to give you the help or guidance you need for your own. There are many times that my mind wonders back to the time when I “came out as Spiritually Gifted” and how things have changed. This is something that still saddens me and may be something that I am still holding on to because I just don’t understand. It’s simple, nothing harsh, just confused by others reactions. What do

A Path Complete And A New One To Begin

I can't even begin to express how I feel at this moment. Today, I was officially ordained a Metaphysical Minister. People have asked, "what is a metaphysical minister"......... this is a brief outline of what we do. Yes, we work with and serve "Holy Spirit, God, whoever you call him" ...... No, we are not a "cult". "Daily Practices to enhance the manifestations of good health, abundance, love, peace, and happiness. The Recognition, Relation, Assimilation, and Application of Our Oneness With Source – God Within, generates the manifestations in one’s belief.We Accentuate the Divine Positive Aspects of Life, Source’s Input, and Our Output of Success, Prosperity, and Love for Self and All." On

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