Everyday someone struggles with not knowing if they are wanted, needed or even exist in someones life. We all need to be independent and able to stand alone with trust and strength of our true self, however we are still in a human experience. When a relationship of any sort begins to turn into a situation where you are always being the person to make contact of any sort.......take a step back and look at the relationship. Are you beginning to feel that it is one sided? Are you always the one to call and have to ask for their company or attention? Get rid of the baggage that is holding you back from YOUR success. You are an amazing being that does not need to beg for anything! YOU are YOU

Lets talk metaphsyical health causes

For anyone who is experiencing this human disorder..........this is the best article and most detailed explanation about psoriasis I have found. It's all about loving yourself......... click here to go to the article. #psoriasis #health #metaphysical #causes


Everyone wants to run away at one time or another. Doing it on your own is one thing but, when you are forced......... The best time to run away is when you have no where to run. Being forced to face YOUR reality YOUR truths and mostly YOUR STRENGTH! #run #strength #reality


Every day we are all given challenges.....more times that not it blindsides us. When we are hit by a challenge, a "problem, a difficulty" that we feel is dragging us down, look to see and ask yourself "why am I ALLOWING this to affect me?" Do not "allow" "IT" to control take YOUR power away from YOU!! YOU have the POWER to control how YOU allow it affect you! Much love my dears........

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