Very Simple Rule To Live By.............

You can achieve anything you want. You can be the best person you are and even better........... you just have to want it without greed or expectations. How many times have you wondered why people treat you a certain way......being negative, miserable, condescending, flippant or snide? How, or what, have you been projecting? Have you come across to others this way. If you find yourself with more negative around you, do a quick check to see if that is what you may be sending out. It's easy to have to want it to change. Only YOU can change how YOU want to be treated or how YOU want to be.

Dissolved Relationships?

I have many clients who have difficulties understanding....and accepting when a friendship or relationship dissolves. Yes, dissolves. Most of you have heard the cliche "people come, people go". It's true. Everyone that is in our life is there for a specific reason. You many never know or understand why, but, they are and so are you. Everyone that has been in our life and/or are currently in our life, are teaching us or giving us something that we need, or will need to move forward with our own life. When a relationship "ends", I prefer to use dissolve, it is not because either has done anything wrong. There is no such thing as a "mistake" or "wrong"'s lessons begin learne

When to Let Go.

Letting go of a person whether it be a friend, acquaintance or a family member, is difficult for some and extremely easy for others. Why is this? How many times have you thought, "WOW, wish I could do that, be that strong, have that courage?" How many times have you thought "how can they do that?" It is about "allowing and being ready". It's about recognizing that you no longer need, or want the negativity. When YOU are ready to move forward, once all that is needed to be learned and/or taught has been completed, you can and will, let go. It's not that you no longer care or love that person, it's because you are moving forward and they have chosen not to. You are not banishing them or cut

What's So Special About This Lunar Eclipse?

This lunar eclipse is going to be a fun one........ I think. For some it will be freeing...... others....... well........hang onto your hat! This is an opportunity to take a check on how you are doing, how NOT to allow others to "get to you" because of their opinions or judgement. How to walk away from what is NOT YOURS and to be who you are 100% free of others who no longer can control you and your thoughts. Those of you with anger difficulties. You have been really making an effort to rid yourself of "those demons" that make you angry and you don't know why. The ones that give you remorse after the anger subsides. This will be a great time to challenge yourself to NOT allowing the anger

CASO Station Psychic Fair - Aug 19 - 21

Join me and whole bunch of amazing people this coming weekend. If you would like to pre-book your private session send me an email or text me @ 226-387-3878.

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