Wear Purple and Support Those Battling Pancreatic Cancer!

I will be opening a couple of days for readings (dates to be announced) where all proceeds will go to help my daughter, Kimberly, mother of 4...... to help raise funds so she is able to afford alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer. I am offering sessions at a discount. Phone, Skype, In-Person, Text or Chat 30 min =$80 (reg $90) 45 min =$110 (reg $130) 1 hr = $160 (reg $180) The treatments are very expensive and not covered by any medical plan. Please help me raise funds so she can continue with these treatments. Your support with not only benefit you but help give more hope for my daughter.

Little Rustic Sanctuary is Home!!!

I have no other words but............YEAH........SO EXCITED.........OH MY GOSH!!! It's built!!! The outside is built but the inside is bare walls. Still need insulation, drywall, paint, proper floor. There have already been people asking when it will be completed so they can come and bask in the energy and peacefulness. Each day comes closer to opening those beautiful antique, hand carved, BC cedar doors to those that need to have a neutral place for gathering thoughts, teaching and learning. I thank you all in advance for your support. HUGS... I will be adding more as I get them! The beginning of the build.....hooking it up to my Angel truck...... rear view coming home.........HOME!!

Believe in Yourself

It does not matter what others think of you or if they believe in you. Believe and trust in yourself and your energy begins to shift and that of which you seek will be opened to you.

What do you see?

When I stare at this......... I see multitudes of galaxies flowing through........... What do you see?

Event Rescheduled... Bonus for You - Flash End of Summer Special!

An event that I was participating in the weekend of Sept 23-25 had to be rescheduled so, I have an open weekend! I now have availability on Friday Sept 23, for private sessions (in-person, phone, Skype) or, if you would love to book a party.......contact me! I am offering a flash end of summer special for these 2 days.......... 45 min session ~ $110 (reg $130) 1 hr session ~ $150 (reg $180) Book a party (5 or more) for Friday Sept 23 or Saturday Sept 24 and the host/hostess receive their 30 min reading FREE!! (some conditions may apply). Special valid Fri & Sat Sept 23 & 24 only.

Healthy Relationships

No matter what.............. it all comes down to respect for the other person and respect for yourself. If you don't like being lied to then, don't lie! If you want honesty, give honesty! If you want love, give love! If you want an answer, ask! Don't ever assume the other person knows what you are feeling or know what you are thinking. Be clear, be open and honest............sometimes honesty hurts but, it is much better than being lied to. Even when a relationship hits a wall.........all you have to do is loosen one brick and ask for the rest to be removed. Build a relationship with a strong, solid foundation........it's much harder to shake and breaking it is much more difficult. Hugs,

Sanctuary Coming to Life!

Wow......... it has begun!!! Yesterday I went to the Amish gentleman that is building the Sanctuary, to take a peak and to get some pictures to post. I didn't think it was any more possible to get even more excited than I was! It's coming together.... I have a Go Fund Me account and your generous donation would help to get the inside all done, walls, floors, floor covering. Your support would mean the world to me and to those that will use it in the future. This little buliding of safety and peace will mean so much to so many. Please help me get it completed before the snow flies. If you would like more information, please contact me at 226-387-3878. The picture above was the inspirat

Something Personal to Share

I’m not sure as to why I am being guided to do this but, I listen. If this helps at least one person…it’s a beginning. It’s all about listening to your body, trusting yourself and your intuition. Yes, even I can get too wrapped up in ego to listen to myself. Okay my peeps. I have been wanting to tell this for quite sometime and for some reason never got around it. So, apparently, now is the time! In July 2015, I was going into Woodstock to do some business. Once on the 401 I began to feel very unwell, heart began racing (which I had in the past A LOT) ......chest pain, extreme pain in my back, right arm went numb and began to hurt. Now, most of you are thinking "heart attack"............s

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