To ALL Grieving Moms (people) - Allow Yourself to Surrender to Sorrow

I am allowed to be human, to experience all that is, so I may serve in the manner to which is meant to be for all my current and future clients. I tell people, let it all out, allow it to happen, it will make you stronger and yet, I did not listen. Some may say I am being to open and honest but, that is who I am. Pretty much everyone knows that my daughter passed Sept 2016. Since then I thought I was doing pretty good....... I thought I was doing darn good. Truth is, the last few weeks I have been struggling and almost feel I am going backwards. I reached out for help several times only to be told "go to this meeting, go to that meeting." Sitting in a room of others who have experienced the

Happy Fathers Day to ALL Dads

This is a separate Happy Fathers Day to: the Mom's who fill the role as Dads to the men who step up and treat their step-children as their own to the Granddads who fill the void/emptiness of a Fathers love

What Are You Mirroring and Is Being Mirrored To You, That You May Not Realize?

Over the past year and a half, I have been really paying attention to how I “deliver” myself to people. all people. Do I fall off the wagon? Absolutely however, I make a real conscious effort now to think before I speak. I now realize that before I really did that, some things I said in defense of myself, justification of myself were teachings that I was receiving. The universe has a real outstanding way of showing you your lessons at times. They come in forms of arguments, discussions, disagreements, misunderstandings, hurtful remarks, gossip and so much more. You have to remember, maybe for some to realize, that how you treat others, how you talk to them or about them, is a full reflectio

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