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"The energy of colour is our invisible healer, psychologist, and best friend"

What is Colour Mirrors?

  • uses the psychology of colour to help us identify, analyze and transform areas of our life that no longer work for us

  • unlocking and enhancing our potential

  • discovering our life purpose

  • opening to joy

  • releasing and overcoming blocks

  • accelerating our growth and healing

  • developing self-belief and self-worth

  • guiding us on our Ascension journey


Same bottle......same colours...... however..... seems our working g bottle got a bit overworked.

Both bottles should be Violet over Red.... #12 Heaven on you can tell, the one on the left had the goodness and healing sucked out if it.


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops, meditation days/nights & more.

Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook chat or Google Meet sessions

are available.

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Transformational Life

& Business Visionary

Bring YOUR life into alignment.

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 The Blue Hair Medium

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