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Declaration of Rev. Kathryn Louise 

My trust, faith and full embodiment is and always has been with Creator, God or whoever leads in any given religion or spiritual belief. I have been placed here to love, understand and assist, not to judge.  My belief and trust may not be in the way that most see but in the way that I alone am meant to know.

I grew up living within the spirit world, alone human wise but so ever rich Spirit wise!  At a very young age I always had “people” around me. Not “human” but “people”.  They were always talking and it was my Great Grandmother that noticed I was always talking to the “air”.  Being able to see as well, she encouraged me and taught me as I didn’t know the difference between real people and spirits.  My gifts of healing were presented to me at a young age as well. At that time, I didn’t realize or understand, what this warm, loving, booming voice was that I always heard.  My difficulty was assimilating into the human world.

After hiding and lying about who I truly was for most of my life, I could no longer do it. Exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally, I finally understood that all that had happened was all my own doing.  Since I hid who I truly was, lied, not only to myself, but also tried to deny what our Creator had sent me here to do. I didn’t understand that all of my “failures”, falls, trips, and all the other “bad” things that continued to happen were all lessons that I needed to learn.  Not just for myself but these were lessons that I had to “live” in order to do my Spiritual work today.

I always had a difficult time describing how I feel about my truth.  I just recently came across this quote by Khalil Gibran and it resonated with me so loudly……it was like getting splashed with cold water. 

“Your daily life is your temple and your religion.

When you enter into it take with you your all”

"Kahali Gibran"

This is how I see life to be lived, this is how I have been “told” and guided to live life. You take each day as your own, not how someone else says you “should” live your life. Live life in YOUR truth, in Creators respect of why you are here and to fulfill YOUR life’s purposes, no one else’s.  We are all made to be the image of our Creator and that is what makes us unique and thus you are unique.  Holy Spirit is everything and everywhere so why do people want to be or look like someone else?  Something that I never understood. Something that our Creator had always wanted me to see, to know, so that I would carry the work they had planned for me forward with pure, simple, Holy love.

I didn’t realize until a few years back that the long haired glowing “man-person” that I was always talking to and always came to me was actually Jesus.  It was then I was told he is and always has been my Master Guide.  That is when things began to fall into place and blow up all at the same time. It was at that time that Jesus came to me in his true form, extended his arms to me and said “finally”.

All my life I had felt that I was always beside or behind someone of greatness, not knowing that it was/is Creator. Once I was of validation and acknowledgement of who I truly am, I was told, by this “booming voice”, our Creator, that I am not just a “human angel” but a Seraphim Angel. This is why my life lessons were different, this is why I see things so differently than most, because I live “there”. I have always taken my directives from our Creator but I didn’t know who it was. For me, it was just another “voice”.  I was taught how to listen, to feel, to taste, to know, to see. How to place my hands on a “human” and make them feel better. That is one reason why I became a Reiki Master, Chair Massage Practitioner and do body work massages. I was always told I had “special” hands and realized the only thing that helped get rid of the “burning” was to touch someone and send healing to wherever it was needed. It was always knowing that the Ascended Medical Masters were guiding me, teaching me, helping me to help others.

My gift of sight and the "need" to help those in need, is so I can help give healing to both Spiritual and non Spiritual people.  Being guided by Holy Spirit, my Guides and Angels, to place a person into such ease and relaxation, to see the fear, anguish or hurt leave them and to see them soften, to feel their energies changing and knowing the negative energies are leaving are beyond words.  I am humbled every time as I never feel worthy enough. 

Being given the multitude of gifts I have and continue to receive, is still very overwhelming. I graciously and yes, sometimes with hesitation, accept what I am given, what I am guided to do and then, I just say “hey Big Dude”, I need some help and it comes.

Guided by Spirit, I am able to connect immediately.  Whether the guidance or healing that is needed be of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature, all I know is I am here as our Creators servant, connected to the Angelic realms and beyond.  I receive messages from all levels, some that are even a mystery to me as that is how our Creator deems it to be.   


I am also blessed to have the ability to see beyond Christ Consciences, into and beyond the Universe and Cosmic realms.  Each day I am still awed and in a state of disbelief that I have been granted, gifted, blessed and allowed to give the messages that I am directed to give and the healing that becomes of it.  So incredibly humbled, I cannot even put it into words.


My life does not have fancy titles, degrees or accolades. I am just a simple servant of God that only wants those on this plane to be of peace, harmony, love and mostly be true to themselves.  My journey on this path, in this lifetime, is to be of service to those that are guided to me. Those that require the guidance or healing from beyond the physical plane. To educate and assist in bringing awareness to those that choose to embrace their “true self” and to those that are afraid of what their truth is.  I am here to have fun (with Creators permission) with the skeptics, to get them thinking that there is more out there than what they see, read or hear. It’s okay to be skeptical…we need people like them to keep us humble. I am here to bring whatever it is that is needed to bring love, warmth, hope and life to those that feel lost. To give words of healing to those that feel despair.  I am only the voice of our Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, Archangels, Angels, Guides, The Ancients and past loved ones.

My declaration to our Creator and to you is to continue his work through Ministry. Letting Holy Spirit guide me, I can never go wrong for he shall not lead me astray. If I falter it’s only because I have not listened, heard or understood the lesson that is needed for me to know, so I may pay it forward to those that are in need.  I trust and thank all of you and our Creator for allowing me to do work in His name.


This declaration is my oath and gratitude for allowing me to enter into the Ministry so that I may continue the work that I have been set forth to do and to enhance what I have coming forward. 

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