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Kathryn did a reading for me several weeks ago, and I picked out two of the colour mirrors. Everything she said was bang on, and the colour mirrors I chose also had a lot of personal meaning for what needed to happen with my life.

So now I'm working smarter, and a lot less hours, having a lot more fun, and have settled a long-standing issue finally. I look forward to fun and see new possibilities and exciting challenges on the horizon! Highly recommend!

I recently did some work for Kathryn in her soon to be Sanctuary. As we were discussing work that needed to be done on her end , she began to give me a reading at first I didn't know what she was talking about and how she all of the sudden knew so many things about me and my life. I have always been very skepitcle of mediums . But as Kathryn continued to read me I was amazed at how acurate her words were. She gave me information about my life and my business that she would have never been able to just know . I have been amazed at how some of the things she talked about regarding my business are beginning to happen and it has only been 2 weeks. Kathryn has a gift . If your in need of some guidance in your life I would highly recommend The Blue Haired Medium .

Thank You Kathryn For Your Guidance

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