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Weekly Card Reading - 20-Oct-2015

Today……only one…….I kept shuffling and shuffling and nothing else. I asked if there is to be 2 or 3 and the answer was “no”. Just so everyone knows I choose my cards as they jump out of the deck while shuffling so, in essence, it is Spirit that is choosing them.

I was told that no other card is required and that I am to give the reading without choice.

I have relented and giving the reading just by what I’m guided and that the colours just be enjoyed the way they are meant to be by each person’s own energy.

Patience……… we all need to practice this no matter how good we “think” we are it.

There are a few on my page that have worked themselves into a tizzy because of news they are waiting for. Like a watched kettle waiting to boil, this is how you are waiting. Your answer will come when it is meant to.

The job you are wanting, have interviewed for and no decision as of yet………. it will be coming before the end of this week. I was told it is a tight race and they are having a very difficult time making a decision as to who the right candidate will be. Set your intention for that position…….but do not set it in “greed”.

Baby, baby, baby……….. oh goodness………… Your wish to be a Grandma is a lot closer than you think. You love surprises………..but I think you already know. You have the Mothers intuition and listen to it but, keep it to yourself.

Man hardy………..holy moly………… SLOW DOWN Mr! Yes, you want to stock up for your retirement but putting your health at risk to do it is not worth it! You know the saying “you can’t take it with you” so, why do you think you can. STOP……..turn around, take 3 deep breaths and see what you ALREADY have……. what is more important? Spending time with your loved ones and your friends enjoying their laughter, the combined happiness or would you rather watch it from the grave????

To a very beloved person……….. you are on the right path. TRUST what Spirit is giving you. You are shedding the negative dust that has been thrown at you because you are different, because you can see, hear and feel. Do not let their fear cloud who you truly are. You have such an amazing journey ahead.

We all have those moments when we feel we have waited long enough, your patience has run out and “enough is enough”…….. Take a step back and ask yourself………am I ready for the answer? Is this what I really, truly want? You may be surprised at the answer……….. you may have been waiting for the wrong thing while what you really needed floated right past you!

Have an amazing day and once again, thank you for assisting me with these beautiful cards.


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