Slow Down

October 22, 2015

Good morning my dear ones......... 


Pushing yourself for what you think will move you forward, may in fact, be the pushing you back. 


How many times have you caught yourself getting angry or saying "why isn't this working, where is this, where is that, dang it, why won't it work"???  Here is comes....take 2 steps back.............stand tall.......... 3 DEEP breaths........ relax and reevaluate.


We all want the best, be the best, have the best, get it done better and faster but........did you ever think that maybe....... it's not meant to be right now?  Did you ever think that maybe you are just meant to rest, to take time for yourself, take time with your family/friends?


Next time you are doing something and it becomes so arduous that you can't figure out why things seem to be happening that causes slow downs, breakages, etc.......... take that step back.  You may see that you are missing out on an absolutely gorgeous day or memorable times with family or friends.


Have an amazing day.



<3 O:)

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