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Good windy morning everyone! I want to share with you all something personal. I hope it will help others come to better understanding of "listening".

Spirit and the Universe have been giving me point blank messages and yet, I still have a difficult time accepting them! Why, not sure....I'm serious......yes me and why? Yes, I have been blessed with an amazing gift of sight from every level and aspect of the Universe and I still have a hard time "believing" this........ You betcha! I still question...why me? What makes me so special, I'm just a human like everyone else??

I met an amazing soul (2 actually, her hubby) in Toronto over the wknd and was gifted.......yes...."gifted" to have her, Moira B, right next to me. We connected immediately. Not only is she absolutely drop dead gorgeous on the outside but equally as gorgeous and gifted on the inside!!

At one point during the show she came to me and said "I am going to give you this" (an impromptu quick reading by someone like her was both amazing AND a smack from Spirit). What she proceeded to give me smacked me in the face (in a good way) as well as shock me because I didn't and never did, see myself as this level.

Her words keep coming forward and every day I am given another "smack", another message, more signs and yes, more "smacks" and messages from Spirit and the Universe. Last night I did a point blank question period with the Universe and Spirit..... I was not expecting what I received.

"Child, as a human chooses their parent, you have chosen yours and the many lives you have lived have brought you to this next level of understanding and love. You have felt betrayed and beaten here on this planet however, it was you who had to complete Karmic tasks to ensure your validity to yourself. Yes, you have been given the sight, voice and vibration of Holy Spirit and the Universe. You and others like you are here to bring peace, love and the understanding to individual humans. Those souls that are in need of messages of healing and guidance from us, will be guided to you. Those that do not understand they have gifts within them, others will come that you will aid and assist the parents of those highly gifted children that are now choosing parents and coming into this world you call earth. It is these children that will give the messages, teachings and guidance at a faster level of understanding. YOU are their teacher, YOU will and are teaching the parents of these children to not assume, not judge, to not fear how "different" their child/children are from the other earth bound souls. You speak from Christ's Consciousness. The words that you speak are truth and you will only ever be given truth to speak. You do not need to trust your human self as you are trust from the Christ Consciousness............. We have given this task to you as you have placed your trust where it is needed most. Within yourself...where we are helping and guiding you" YOU ARE LOVE....."

It was an exhausting night and may not have been if I had been listening more deeply all along. We all have this within us........

Much love and gratitude

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