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We Begin As One

My life is full of amazing adventures, twists, turns and epiphany moments........... but when I sit down with someone and begin to read and I am given the most amazing information for them......... it still wows even me. There is something that I would like to pass on to anyone who has received a reading be it from someone else or myself about similarities.

In speaking with another reader recently they were a bit discerned by something a client had said...this is what I told them.

"When receiving/giving a reading there are some "mainstay" things that Spirit gives to each person, for a different reason but, they may sound like a similar type of message for a couple of people. Know that if you and other friends have readings that this may happen. The thing to remember is...the is individual to you!

We all began from the same place....the same droplet of water. Remember that you are a part of a "soul group" so yes, there will be some things that overlap. Just are an individual, with your own choices, your own yourself.

With much gratitude on the windy day.......


Kathryn Louise

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