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Tip for lessening "gift" giving stress from "The Farm"

Instead of giving your children gifts of toys and electronics that take them away from you...give them a gift that brings them to you!

Spending full focus time with your children or grandchildren is the biggest and best gift ever! Make a memory!!

An overnight trip or even just a day trip that you do things, learn things, cool adventures together.......with no interruptions!

It costs far less than you think! We began doing this 4 years ago with our Grandchildren. We can't afford a whole lot and I finally got smart.

I keep all receipts when doing "Christmas" shopping and one year I woke up! I realized that between 3 (at that time) Grandchildren we were spending close to $1000 on "stuff"......Yes.........that's right $1000 on STUFF!!! Crazy huh??

We remembered and thought, each year we buy them this, that and the other thing only to learn 2-3 months down the road that most of it is sitting in a box or broken so, I got a brainwave! I checked it out and a not too far away indoor water theme park for a 1 night stay and 2 full days of using the waterpark was less than $500! Yup.......and that was for 5 of us!! This year........same deal and there is 7 going!!

Each year I asked the Grandkids, what would you like for Christmas and for the last 3 it's been to do our "annual" FAMILY getaway because "it's the best time and memories ever".

In case you need a bench mark. For a 1 night stay, meals (we take a lot of our own food) and some fun stuff (that they can use year after year) less than $1000.

Make a memory.......that last forever

Who yourself may enjoy being that child again too!

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