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Are you truly happy?

During readings, I maybe guided to give this advice below.....everyone is different but it's the same. As we near the end of 2015 why not look at what you may be able to leave behind so that 2016 starts off awesome.

Have you ever just sat back and asked yourself... "am I truly happy....what is it that makes me truly happy?"

Have you received an honest answer from yourself?

When asking, don't allow your "ego" to answer that. You will know it is ego because the answer may take a bit of thinking. Your "true self" will give you the answer immediately!

Staying in a job, relationship, etc., where you are not happy, where you dread going or being, only increases your unhappiness that may lead to health and/or financial difficulties. Start looking into avenues where you can change that. Yes, we all need a job to pay our bills but have you really taken a deep look at how your "happy job or hobby" may help pay your bills.

It can even be just changing your outlook on your current job, relationship? It maybe shifting your thought process to make it more bearable.

Take a step back and take a good will be surprised at what you see.

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