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It's not for everyone

I had been debating whether or not to post this and, well………here it is.


This time of year is a mixed bag of emotions for many people.

Not everyone is of the “Christmas” spirit. Not everyone likes this time of year. Not everyone “HAS” to be “merry or joyful” at this time of year and it doesn’t mean they don’t care or are just plain miserable! Not everyone is of religious belief and remember, we live in one of the most multi-ethnic countries in the world. What your take is, may not be theirs.

You don’t know this persons story so don’t judge them. Allow each person their own view, their feelings at this time of year, to celebrate, if they choose, the way they want to, if THEY choose to.

Instead of wanting to give a lecture as to why they “should” be celebrating or judging them because they aren’t, why not just smile and allow them to just be?

In saying this, it works both ways. If you are not in like of this season, don't try and make it miserable for others who are. Just smile and move's your reason, not theirs.

It all comes down to respecting one another.


Why can’t people be nice to others, yes even strangers, ALL YEAR round?? Why is it people feel that they can only be that way during this season?

I have witnessed this time and time again. Sadly, a few years back I actually heard someone say, after they gave a donation to a charity, “I did my good deed for the year, I’m done now”! ....???

Oh man……….. do a good deed as often as possible! Don’t wait for a season or a reason, why not just do it?


Remember…………you receive back exactly, or more, of what you put out. Not everyone has the financial ability as others but it’s not about money……….it’s about giving a bit of you to them. To place a smile on a sad heart, to give warmth to a cold hand………… give love where there is none……. THAT is what the seasons are about….all four, not just one.

Wishing everyone an awesome day!


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