“Time heals all wounds”……does it or do we “shift” it?

When something so powerful has thought to be lost, it has only been shifted

When something so powerful has thought to be lost, it has only been shifted.

That intense energy is felt for a very long time because it was our safe and familiar but mostly, it was LOVE. That will never go away and it is not expected to!

When we lose someone the void, loneliness and emptiness may feel unbearable….own that feeling…….or don’t! YOU have the right to grieve in YOUR way, not what someone else deems to be “right”! There is no right way to grieve and there is no wrong way……just YOUR own way. If you cry…..cry! If you don’t, well………you don’t!! It doesn’t matter!

Everyone has their own way of grieving and healing with the loss of a loved one. The hardest parts are the “firsts” of everything. First holiday, first anniversary, first birthday, first vacation without them. You will get through it because they are there! If someone tells you to get over it and move on, just say thank you, but this is mine. You are shifting and allowing yourself to live again at a pace that is comfortable for you.

The one thing that is common when people come to me to receive messages and guidance from their loved ones is “guilt”. Moving forward with your life without your loved is not wrong and you should not, in anyway feel guilty. If you are, sit and ask them why? Why do you feel guilty? I know they will tell you there is nothing for you to feel guilty about. You are allowed to be happy, to go on a vacation or whatever it is. They know that you loved them with all your being when they were here in their physical body and you love them just as much now. They know that…….they will always be by your side, no matter what!

Regardless of how tumultuous a relationship may have been, regardless of what transpired moments before they left, the love that you felt for each other is all that remains. Forgiveness is huge…………LOVE IS BIGGER!

So, don’t allow others to tell you “it’s time”. Grieving is healthy however, when it begins to take a toll on your health that is when a person should seek guidance.

With much love for all who have lost a loved one.


Kathryn Louise

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