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2015 Reflection

I was working on some business stuff all of a sudden I was told, “Kathryn, it’s time to reflect, time to give a good look at what has transpired over these 12 past months”. So, being the good girl I am (uhhumm…LOL) I am doing what I am told.

The first and foremost…….. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who have perused my website, to all of you who have “liked” my Facebook page and to all of those beautiful souls who entrusted me to be their messenger of words from loved ones and the Divine. Without your support, kind words and trust, I would not be fulfilling my life purpose. Thank you for allowing me to enter your private, scared energy space so that I am able to do my work, so that Spirit can help you become an even better person than you already are.

This past year was one of ups and downs, losses and gains but, I choose to look at all the ups and gains and send love and light to the downs and losses.

January & February - were relatively quiet except for a blizzard landing in Halifax in February………which was quite awesome I might add!!

March - when a very dear, cherished and trusted friend dared me to completely “come out” on Facebook, to the world who I truly am and thus set me free of all chains.

April – took me to my first HUGE Toronto Psychic Fair…….. Gulp, being the new kid on the block in a sea of seasoned and extremely gifted readers and energy workers only enforced that I am who I am and where I am meant to be.

May – the beginning of doing home reading parties and realizing I LOVE IT!! The people I get to meet, the messages that come through……..WOW………. the beginning of me attending New and Full Moon meditations………. WOW……

June – Attending and giving readings at the first ever Alien Cosmic Convention in Brantford, (yes there is another in 2016) and meeting some fascinating and amazing people.

July, August – more private readings, more parties……….more love and messages and more growth for me

September – Two shows both first time events. Mystical Haven and then the first time event called Angelfest in Lyndoch, Ontario. So amazing it was, once again the people……….the messages.

October – A month full of amazing private readings and hello to the Fall Toronto Psychic Fair and the Canadian Hypnosis Conference and becoming board certified in giving Past Life Regressions……..It was one busy month!!

November – This was truly and up and down month but I fumbled through…..nothing else one can do but…….. I came out of this month kicking and screaming! LOL

December – 3 shows in a row and then the Christmas season was upon us.

I look back and smile……….. WOW……… how “my” world and universe changed, grew and how my Soul Group grew and changed.

Would I go back and want to change anything? Nope……….not one thing………… Life if what it give us and it is our choice to take it and go or, leave it and become stale. I choose to take it and go and go and go…….. I’m far from done……….

I’ve just begun so look out!!! Keep an eye on my upcoming events………. You never know where this Blue Hair will be going!!!

With much love, respect and humbleness.

Hugs to an amazing new year coming up……….the best yet and the most exciting 2016


Kathryn Louise

Do not reflect on what didn’t go as planned,

Reflect on what went right. Focus on the positive

The negative no longer controls you…….it is gone…….done…….finished!

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