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That stupid body pain that will not go away. You're done with it!!!

What the heck is it and no matter what you do it won't go away!?!?!? Test after tests and nothing...............No, you are not losing your's called "LISTEN TO ME....HELLO..... Your body!!!!

It's a difficult process anything that does not make sense in our bodies. Things that do not show up in any tests so........what can we's all about listening to your body..... asking your body "what's going on? What is it you need me to do.....want, etc. and, recognizing signs!" Oh, the signs. Things that several people mention to you but you fluff it off as it "can't be that"!

Yes........even I fall off the wagon!

Now, I'm not saying that it is always that simple because, trust isn't! I have been having stupid, ridiculous pain between my shoulder blades for months and it has been getting increasingly worse. I have been listening, asking and receiving mixed messges not only from my body but from my Guides. heard Guides!

So......why??? Well, let me tell you. Number one, do not doubt yourself, your Guides, people who have had the same thing and offer advice. You know the "ah ha" moments that I have spoke about and you have no doubt heard from others well, I had one........FINALLY! SMACK ME UPSIDE THE HEAD!!

Converstaions over the past while:

Me - body.....what is it that you need to tell me?

Body - deer in the headlight stare

Me - HELLO....BODY...what is it you need to tell me?

Body - Yawn...........

Me - Seriously?!! How the heck am I to "fix" whatever it is if you won't tell me?

Body - checks finger nails in boredom

Me - Okay....fine! To hell with you then!!

Body - What's this? Fine?? I sense anger???

Me - back becomes even more sore

Body - nice...... and "ask"

Me - (totaly frustrated) for the love the Pete! I did ask and ask and ask!!

Body - and do I look like I'm a mind reader????

Me - huh??? Ooooohhhhhh........ (realizing I have been asking to generally)


Me - Hello body........... I am having intense pain in my back between my shoulder blades. It is excruciating at times that I cannot even do the simpliest of things. What is it that I am not seeing or hearing. Could you tell me in a manner that I will completely understand without frustration so that I can have optimal health to move forward every day. So I am able to serve those that require me to be their voice. Thank you

Body - There ya go! Now..... was that so hard?

Me - No.......just wasn't paying attention I guess?

Body - Look at your posture........look at your chair, look at your desk, are you walking like you ought to? How much actual exercise have you had lately? You have been seeing 3's, in every sense........ Kathryn...what does multiple 3's signify???

Me - 3's.......Mind....Body....Spirit..........

Body - aaaannnnnddddd?????

Me - I have be concentrating and feeding my mind.....and my spiritual soul and, I have not been feeding my body the proper way. I have not ventured for a walk in a one elses.

Body........... aannnnddddd????

Me - Hubby and I did a marble test on the floor. The floor slopes so bad to one side and my chair rolls easy so I am continually in extremely bad posture. We are in the process of trying to figure this out.

Body - That is a good start. There is more.....keep listening. If you do not listen and understand yourself what the mechanics are of this human apparatis then you will not "get it". Got it??

Me - YES SIR....umm..... MAM........!

So, in short.........listen. Always, always get checked out first by a professional to rule out any actual injury or aliment. If absolutely nothing can be found........go back to where you came.........your body.