Who needs to change????

This quote is so true "you can't "change" someone who doesn't see an issue..."

How many times have you heard someone say that there is nothing they can do? I have tried to change them and nothing works??

So often people try to change a person into being someone they are not, they try to change the way they think, act the way YOU want them to...... Why????

We are all individuals, we came here to be different, to cause chatter, controversy, to be the "underdog" or "the devil's advocate", etc., etc.

Some people feel safe staying in their anger or hurt...... so, instead of trying to change them, understand them first.......they won't change, they will begin to understand and then the change "may" occur! The ones that do realize it and don't care..........they are the people that need a bit extra love or understanding. Don't throw them away.... we all behave in our own way because of something that occurred or was taught...........good and


Instead of trying to change someone, why not understand them first? Why not try and see where they are coming from? There is a reason that person acts that way......speaks that way and 9 out of 10 times........they don't see it because they don't realize it, because it has been a behaviour that they grew up with or may have been taught unaware?

We all have this "trait"........we all have something about us that someone else wants to "change" because THEY feel it's not normal or good!

I grew up with everyone wanting me to be different because I was not like "them". Once they began to understand who I really was, things began to even out. It took over 50 yrs for that to happen........please don't allow this to happen to someone else.

Remember.........we are all unique..........we are all different........we are all one. What bothers you in another may be something that you don't or didn't realize about yourself? Put up the mirror and ask yourself..........who needs to be changed or do I/they need to be understood.


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