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The Road of Learning

My life has taken many turns. Spirit had taken me back to remembrance of what I shut out because of trauma and fear. I learned/remembered more about who I was back then and who I am now. The road of learning.

Self love, forgiveness and acceptance was a long one for me because of “choices” I made to appease others. To be accepted by others, to be “like them”, to have friends that liked me. The choices I made to hide and lie who I truly was, only made it a longer and more difficult road to my “rebirth”, “rediscovery” to who I truly am.

During readings, many readings.... this comes forward only too often. I apologize in advance if it seems like I yelling.. I'm not....

You are not OWNED by anyone.........NO ONE........... just YOURSELF. YOU ONLY YOU. YOU are the only person that YOU have to justify to.... explain to........answer to..... and apologize to.

YOU are YOUR own universe. Only YOU can make the right decisions for YOU. YOU make the choices and you carve the path that you are on because of what choices YOU made. Yes, we all make that "wrong" choice (learning lesson), yes, we all have “life” that makes a big effort to derails us, however, if you continually repeat it over and over, it's a pattern, not a "mistake", it's a lesson you haven't learned yet.

When your life is taking sharp turns, slamming into walls, continually tripping over something and you don't know why............. STOP......just STOP and take a sit down. Cry, kick and scream if you must.........better out than in I say and then......... deep breaths and look deep and hard at what YOUR choices have been. Have those choices been made out of "greed", "need" or "want"? Ask, “what is my lesson in this”? We all "want' beautiful and wonderful lives.

We all "want" to have it "all" however, have you ever stood back and wondered if THAT "want" is a "greedy" want? Biggest wall ramming, crevice swallowing, door slamming vibration I ever encountered.

Instead of blaming others because of the way things are going in your life, take a step back and ask yourself if it’s YOU and YOUR choices. You will be amazed at how things begin to turn around when you STOP making “greedy, want” choices and make then out of need.


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