What's happening to family bonding??

Hydro back and internet up.

No matter how difficult, ask your Angels, Guides and every past loved one for help. ASK…..place the INTENTION and you will RECEIVE what you ask for. This is what I ask for……….for everyone….

Whether you have children or not, do you really know what a true family gathering is? It doesn't have to be blood relatives. Family are those close to your heart. Those that love and care about you! At times I think those that have "friends" as their family know this better than those that have blood family! Why, because they treasure moments and not "things". I do understand that there are a lot of those that cannot be together because of distance.........this is mostly for those that are within reach of each other.

While preparing for our family Easter gathering, as we (my granddaughter and I) were setting the table, it occurred to me just how small our family had become. It threw me back to the time of young and "those" days of family gatherings at my Grandparents farm and at other relatives homes. Aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins galore!! How could you not have the best time ever...we were so "rich"..........so very rich!!

I often ponder this........back in the day, way back in the day, depression times even, families were big, not just one or two children but several. Pennies literally having to be scraped together to buy anything that was not deemed as a necessity. The squeals of joy when they received chocolate for Easter…….the gratitude they gave to be so lucky!! Even going into the 50's & 60's yes, life was getting better but still frugal. Candy and soft drinks were still only for special events or family gatherings……and still, families were a bit bigger but, no matter what, we did things TOGETHER.

How is it that we are told we live in a rich society? Is being in "that" society warming, caring? Does "it" sit and listen with a loving ear and a healing hug? Do people, mostly children even know what a true family is about? Sadly there are a lot of people that don't! To them a family gathering is everyone sitting in front of the TV and yelling at that instead of talking to each other!

The fear of "hugging" each other!! OH MY.......... I smack my head! Young kids, adults for that matter... not knowing what to do when they go outside on an absolutely beautiful day…….they stand there staring at each other! I want to scream….. RUN.. JUMP……. ROLL…… PLAY..…get dirty and LIVE A LITTLE! Don’t go getting all weird on me. I am full aware of the work life however, I know that electronics have taken..stolen.. a lot!

How difficult is it to make one day during the weekend, if you can, or even a minimum of 4 hours and make it a NON electronic day. I know it’s hard for some but there has to be a time span. Even ½ a day. Put ALL electronics……yes……..even YOUR phone away. Play a board game, go outside and play with YOUR children and/or siblings. Do the unspeakable and call your siblings over for gathering and then…….DO STUFF!! NO PHONES!!

Go for a walk. Life slips by far too quickly. Just when you “think” you have time…………it’s gone……….and you are standing there………alone…….no memories to warm your heart…………no memories of a childs laughter or a siblings antics. No memory of boots being stuck in mud, falling into a puddle, the pride of acing your first log walk. You do not need money to do these things….it requires manual labour! YOU and YOUR own investment. What is the most expensive item here? What “money” or “thing” can give you memories and a bond with your family???

All I ever hear is………. I don’t have time. Make the time. In all reality…….the “real” time………there is none. It is what we deem it to be…….so……Deem the day or a portion of a day NO electronics. Make the teenager who feels his life is over now understand that he/she can sulk on a fallen tree while walking along a path and learn something more valuable than they EVER would from a game………..give them the outdoors to understand that there is a much better, cleaner, healthier energy out there that will help them in their body, mind and spirit.

Families are getting smaller………memories are becoming fewer………… All I know is, when I’m sitting in my rocker at 100 yrs young, I will have my memories and then some.

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