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I Would Like To Clear The Air Please

This may sound like a rant and if it does, well………means that Spirit has deemed it so. My journey is to assist people, to help them become even better than who they are, to be who they are meant to be and, if my personal story helps then I am beyond happy. Sometimes it takes part of someone else’s journey, or experience, to give you the help or guidance you need for your own.

There are many times that my mind wonders back to the time when I “came out as Spiritually Gifted” and how things have changed. This is something that still saddens me and may be something that I am still holding on to because I just don’t understand. It’s simple, nothing harsh, just confused by others reactions. What do you call it? Fear, jealousy, envy, spite, all of it, I don’t know?

My years growing up the way I did had more or less forced me to hide who I was. Yes, it was fear of rejection (which happened anyway), reprisal, being picked on, laughed at, being called a liar, storyteller……..wait………that is what happened anyway! So, why did I continue to hide? No clue. It was a huge wall I put up to protect myself…so I thought.

The only people that knew who I was, were people that were like minded, not afraid of my world but mostly, would not just listen to me but HEAR what I would be saying. These people did not cut me off in mid sentence or talk over top of me because they didn’t want to HEAR what I was saying. These people did not laugh at me or throw up their hands saying I was delusional, crazy or spun. Those are the people that have stayed with me since I told the human world who I really am. They are the true friends that have stayed by my side.

To those that never heard me or bothered to take the time to truly understand who I was....who I AM, to those that chose to ignore me, turn their backs, “unfriend” me, talk about me behind my back, question others about me, making jokes and crude remarks about me……… Sorry darlings……….. I know who I am and I am no longer afraid to live my life….my way! I do what I want, I no longer will allow chains to hold me back and keep me in the delusional human life pattern. I choose to take risks, to step into the unknown and since I have fully opened my life to that, my life is so much richer. The best part…….the best is yet to come!!! The people I have met, the places I have been, the opportunities that have opened before me as I walk fully and openly, on my true path is beyond comprehension at times.

I'm proud of who I am and who I have stepped into, so all I can say is thank you. Thank you to all of you who pushed me away because, you didn’t push me away! You pushed me in the direction I needed to go……. burden free, no longer being held back by others beliefs and chains or trying to live up to others expectations and how they felt I should be.

We all have our own life path, and people are placed into our paths to be part of our lives to teach us and for us to teach them. You have all given me a gift and/or lesson of some sort, so thank you for that. In my heart you are still a friend. Hugs, my dear loved ones. I only wish the best for you all.

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