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Past Lives can come forward at any time!

As I was perusing Facebook, a Cathar hymn popped up. As I listened to this amazing and haunting song, I was thrown back into another life. The more I listened, the more I took myself back into that life.

This particular hymn, "The Hymn of the Cathars (the cattle herder) Wow........ was I thrown back! Not something you expect at 7am when you are trying to have a nice quiet morning coffee!

As I looked around I saw miles and miles of wonderful open fields, hills and mountains. I instructed myself to look at "me", so I could figure out timeframe....(easier done when hosting a regression)....... as I looked at myself to see what I was wearing etc., it became obvious that I was not female. I was a man, approximately 35-40 yrs of age. Lines on my face showed visible signs of fast aging due to the elements and a hard life. I had battle scars on my face and arms. I was someone unkempt but that is normal for being "there". As I looked at my dress I was covered in hides, fur and what appears to be hemp type wrappings but, could be thinly cut hide. My feet are somewhat appears be very thick hide, almost looks like thin pieces of wood tied to my feet?

I am allowing myself to feel completely what it is going on at that time. There is anger, fear and dispair all cumulated together. I am holding what appears to be an axe with dark staining......... I believe it to be blood. Mud huts are coming fowardd........ In all honestly I do not know where I am. I have never been there in this lifetime so I can only give my current guess........ Ireland? Scotland? The Moors? I don't know............will have to research this one!

That is all I could do as the house is now waking and the quiet silence is now breaking.

To this day I am still amazed on how a past life can come forward so quickly, so easy. I have done Past Life Regressions with clients as well as myself and it still leaves me in a sense of awe.

Do you hear an old song that sends your "senses" into a tizzy and you don't know why? When you hear a certain tone, musical instrument or a hymn of any kind from any sector......does it bring tears for no reason or such joy you can't explain it? Do you receive "flashes" and you can't explain what or where they come from? These are all bits and pieces of a past life coming up.

Are there pieces in your life that no matter what you do, they still don't fit......make sense? A Past Life Regression just may be what you need to get this life pulled together.

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