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What's So Special About This Lunar Eclipse?

This lunar eclipse is going to be a fun one........ I think. For some it will be freeing...... others....... well........hang onto your hat!

This is an opportunity to take a check on how you are doing, how NOT to allow others to "get to you" because of their opinions or judgement. How to walk away from what is NOT YOURS and to be who you are 100% free of others who no longer can control you and your thoughts.

Those of you with anger difficulties. You have been really making an effort to rid yourself of "those demons" that make you angry and you don't know why. The ones that give you remorse after the anger subsides. This will be a great time to challenge yourself to NOT allowing the anger to rise. To give you a better understanding of what angers you and what does not serve you any purpose and get rid of!


The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will have you feeling free from the bonds and judgment of society. You may have cared in the past for what others thought of your choices, but now you realize that the most important opinion is your own, and you are able to feel more like yourself than you have in a long time.

Watch out for your short temper at this time as well, because the planet Uranus in its position relative to the Sun on August 18th may make you feel more touchy than usual. The Moon’s position relative to Jupiter means that you need to know that you may feel the need for maternal protection. If you can’t get this from your actual mother, you may seek out a motherly figure to substitute for the nurturing that you need right now. "

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