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When to Let Go.

Letting go of a person whether it be a friend, acquaintance or a family member, is difficult for some and extremely easy for others. Why is this? How many times have you thought, "WOW, wish I could do that, be that strong, have that courage?" How many times have you thought "how can they do that?"

It is about "allowing and being ready". It's about recognizing that you no longer need, or want the negativity. When YOU are ready to move forward, once all that is needed to be learned and/or taught has been completed, you can and will, let go.

It's not that you no longer care or love that person, it's because you are moving forward and they have chosen not to. You are not banishing them or cutting them out completely, you are simply "detaching" yourself from what no longer is needed, wanted or invited. You are NOT a horrible person, you are NOT responsible for their choice, you are ONLY responsible for YOURself.....your well being, your truth and your life path.

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. Some of the deepest relationships dissolve for unknown reasons. Don't focus on the negative, the heartbreak, the hurt or the anger. See what you learned, the gift of growth that was given and move forward with those beautiful memories and positive energies.

Once that happens, once you let go of the negative, once you know that it no longer is valid and cannot be changed, once you realize that if you hold onto it, it may hold you back...........the moment you realize that there is no emotion attached..........THAT is when you let go! That is when you move forward with YOUR life path.

If you are struggling or need assistance, contact me and set up a session. You don't need to do this alone. Hugs

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