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Dissolved Relationships?

I have many clients who have difficulties understanding....and accepting when a friendship or relationship dissolves. Yes, dissolves. Most of you have heard the cliche "people come, people go". It's true. Everyone that is in our life is there for a specific reason. You many never know or understand why, but, they are and so are you.

Everyone that has been in our life and/or are currently in our life, are teaching us or giving us something that we need, or will need to move forward with our own life. When a relationship "ends", I prefer to use dissolve, it is not because either has done anything wrong. There is no such thing as a "mistake" or "wrong"'s lessons begin learned or taught or it's something that WE need to receive from that person in order for us to move on with our life.

When a long time friendship dissolves, don't keep going over "what happened" instead, look at what you gained from it! No relationship, be it a friendship, marriage, partnership even with family.......dissolves deliberately. Now, don't go getting all up in arms and going PPFFFTTTT.......... even when we think we have made the decision to "end" a relationship, did we? Or has it dissolved because you no longer need or can tolerate that person and vise-versa because you have received what YOU need to move on?

When relationships dissolve it's because we have learned, received or taught that person/people the lesson the we/they needed.

Have an awesome day!


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