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Something Personal to Share

I’m not sure as to why I am being guided to do this but, I listen. If this helps at least one person…it’s a beginning. It’s all about listening to your body, trusting yourself and your intuition. Yes, even I can get too wrapped up in ego to listen to myself.

Okay my peeps. I have been wanting to tell this for quite sometime and for some reason never got around it. So, apparently, now is the time!

In July 2015, I was going into Woodstock to do some business. Once on the 401 I began to feel very unwell, heart began racing (which I had in the past A LOT) ......chest pain, extreme pain in my back, right arm went numb and began to hurt. Now, most of you are thinking "heart attack" did I however, everything was opposite than it would be for a heart attack? I began thinking of articles I had read that was about women and heart attacks and the difference between men and women and the interchange to the Woodstock General was right there…..I went.

I get into the ER, go to the window and tell them what is going on. Immediately, they took me in, took my BP and off I go. My blood pressure was 186/165…………apparently that is not good. So now the fun begins. I had all kinds of tests taken and all was good except for my blood pressure. Since I am extremely sensitive and/or allergic to drugs, they couldn’t give me anything. It was a waiting game. 4 hours later, I get sent home with the name of an Internist because there was no explanation for my BP being that high. I told the ER Dr. that I have had the heart pounds, feeling lightheaded, feeling like my heart was going to stop when sleeping at night or rip right out of my chest for years. He shrugged his shoulders, put his hand on my shoulder and said “you are at the age you know”??????

I got into see an Internist in less than 3 wks and holy moly……what an awesome man (has left to practice in the US...sad face here). He was extremely thorough, listened to me, asked me a million questions and no drug pushing. “We need to understand what is happening and why before we go anywhere else”, was his statement. Then his face turned extremely sombe, eyebrows furrowed, “WHY were you released from the hospital when your BP was still 138/115”?? He was NOT happy to say the least. So, here we are.

He ordered all kinds of tests and then looked at me and asked, “when was the last time you have a thyroid antigen test done?” …….. Huh??????? No clue what that was…….so the explanation was, “it’s a simple $45 test that indicates without a doubt whether or not you need a thyroid supplement, it’s simple………positive you don’t need anything, negative you do”. There was more to it but, that was the general jist of it. So off to get all these test done (what felt like an entire emptying of my blood source in blood tests, stress tests and a few others).

Four weeks later, sitting across from this awesome, amazing, intuitive physician, I got, “You are extremely healthy” ………. awesome words to hear however, if I’m that healthy why does my heart begin racing and then my blood pressure soars for no reason? Then, come the results and the one test I forgot about, the antigen test. He looked at me an HE aplolgized... "You DO NOT need, and from what I can determine, NEVER have needed to be on a thyroid supplement". I have been on a thyroid supplement for over 30 years for no reason! Yup…NO REASON. It was so long ago that I can't even remember why I was put on it. I "think" it had something to do with being tired all the time and weight gain? Not sure.......... Anyway.......... here I am.

Just a bit over 1 year of not taking the meds, my body is having to readjust to completely workimg on it’s own again. Yes, I have gained weight and yes, I have had some pretty ugly up and down moments but no more heart flutters, no more chest pounding in the middle of the night, no more feeling that my heart is going to stop or explode! All because of a $45 antigen test………. My body is now beginning to level out. I know that the weight loss will be coming soon. I can feel it! YEAH!

Not sure how to say this part, but here goes……the funny, odd or weird thing about all of those years taking the supplement, I never felt I needed it? But, I was desperate. I was was tired all the time and gaining weight for no reason. Then the Universe stepped in and “began making things happen” so that I would finally listened to my body, to my intuition. I realize that this happened a few months after I opened to the world who I was and about my gifts. No lying anymore, no more hiding, I could finally be ME!

It was my “true self” telling my “ego” that I am healthy. I have not had any issues since. Yes, my heart still flutters and at time pounds but it’s because of the love that I have for myself and the love I receive from others. THAT my peeps……is what it’s about.

I have placed a link below to a site that explains what the thyroid is and does. If you have been placed on a thyroid supplement and not sure why or you feel it's not working or just doesn't feel right....ask your Doctor if he/she has done the antigen test. I don’t want anyone else going through what I did.


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