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Sanctuary Coming to Life!

Wow......... it has begun!!!

Yesterday I went to the Amish gentleman that is building the Sanctuary, to take a peak and to get some pictures to post. I didn't think it was any more possible to get even more excited than I was! It's coming together.... I have a Go Fund Me account and your generous donation would help to get the inside all done, walls, floors, floor covering. Your support would mean the world to me and to those that will use it in the future. This little buliding of safety and peace will mean so much to so many. Please help me get it completed before the snow flies. If you would like more information, please contact me at 226-387-3878.

The picture above was the inspiration and what the sanctuary will closely resemble........only bigger.

Back that will have Victorian French Doors

Inside, south wall with 3 HUGE windows to let natural light in

North side, big window and a Victorian garden door to open to the pond.

The front.............. with a little porch.

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