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Set Intention....... and "Ask, Manifest and Ye Shall Receive".

I don't even know how to begin this mini story, which to me is EPIC!

Most of you reading this are aware that I have been guided..........pushed more like it, to have a "Sanctuary" built. A place to hold workshops, have gatherings of whatever is given to me to do, a place for other healers and/or practitioners to have as neutral ground to "do their thing". Mostly, a place for people to come, to be able to have a place where they are able to sit in peace, silence, meditate, or whatever it is they need to do to relieve stress, anxiety, etc.

Building this Sanctuary is quite the feat.......some slow downs, working slowly away at. Some things had to be placed on the back burner due to cost but I only want to have the best I can get (and deals if possible.. LOL) into there to make it what the Universe and Spirit is telling me it is meant to be. I was stressing as I was using personal funds to get things done, slow but sure is what I kept saying, when I could, when I saved up enough, it would be purchased and done.

For months I have been praying, placing it out to the Universe asking for donations and/or financial help.

Today, the Universe sent me an amazing Soul, an Angel or as I called her...... my Blessed Angel Fairy Godmother. This donation has not only humbled me but has shown me once again, "ask and ye shall receive". It also has given me much need validation that what I am doing, how I am doing it, is for the all the right reasons and that it is truly meant to be (you don't argue with Spirit).

It's coming together.......slow but sure and now........ I can get the flooring, and hire someone to get the ceiling up so I can get the copper ordered!!!

I have on hold, two very comfy chairs that are perfect for the Sanctuary, for those that are unable to sit on the floor, these are awesome..........especially for short little legs like mine! These chairs will be perfect for giving Past Life Regressions as the Sanctuary.

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