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Are You Ready To Let Go Of Crap?

We are leaving 2016 the year of The Tower. Some structures fell, some were built up and then BAM………down it went! That is what 2016 was all about. It was the year to remind us to let change happen when it needed to, give us the strength and give us the push we needed to get through it and survive.

I am choosing to begin 2017 “New Beginnings” as clear and positive as possible. #17 in Tarot is "The Magician”.

2017 is the year for vision and inspiration, new ideas that will be munificent. You will find people are drawn to you for that very reason. This is the year to MANIFEST. Set YOUR intention, turn those ideas into REALITY…….. Why...because you can?

“Communications and clear quick thinking are the Magician’s gift. Magic is nothing more than the manipulation of energy to one’s will.” ~Georgianna

2016 was the "declutter", "finish" and "forgive" year. I had done a lot, some is still in progress however, I will let go of all that I can so I do not get "dragged" into 2017.

Yes, I’m cleaning house. Even though my office looks like a tornado went through it (several times apparently), I am going to start with ME……….I’m cleaning ME first!

I know that 2016 was the year to get rid of, clean, etc., however, quite clearly, and I know I’m not the only one that procrastinated, better late than never I say!! I am getting rid of all the heavy, negative stuff with me first so I can see a clearer path……no longer just debris and destruction.

This is what I am going to be do to make the best of efforts to begin this new, fresh cycle. As I go through my day I am going to write down everything that no longer serves me, that is a heavy energy, negative, etc. and then, at midnight, I will read aloud each one beginning with “ I no longer………” and then burn it.

How are you going to usher in this New Year, this new cycle? Are you going to wait till the “magical hour”? Are you going to end 2016 and begin 2017 working on YOU first?

My wish for you all is, take care of yourself first. If your personal house it not in order, then the rest cannot be taken care of.

Hugs and Happy New Year!

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