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Are You Stuck, Not Sure Which Way To Go?

2017 is not only a New Year but it is also a new beginning. ​​

I'm not a guru of any kind when it comes to numerology however, I'm learning and listening and yes, paying attention. 2017.......... Year of 9.........New Beginnings! All of this pertains to people like myself too! We get stuck, we get into ruts, we at one point or another may not listen and need the help of our peers so, happens to all of us. No one is free and clear of the "stuck". LOL

Here is a better explanation of this year.

"2017 has a very different energetic vibration compared to 2016. While 2016 was all about endings, 2017 is a “1” year in numerology which marks new beginnings and exciting new opportunities and possibilities. However, these will only arrive if we are willing to fully let go of the past and if we are open to receiving the wonders of the present moment, as well as the future." ~ Alex Myles

Do you need clarity on your path? ​Do you feel as if you are running in circles, always hitting a wall when you get to a certain point or, just to the point of frustration because "nothing works"?

Are your answers from "the other side"? Are the answers and guidance in front of you but you just can't see them because you are looking too hard? Yes, that can and absolutely happens!! Is there a past loved one that is guiding you, attempting to give you the guidance you need? Do you need help in understanding them, do you need a "spiritual phone" to contact them? Is it a Guide, an Angel or even higher that you need to be listening to?

Why not begin this new year, this new cycle in a positive energy vibration that can give you the best of everything you deserve!!

Let's have a chat..............

Hugs everyone! Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings!!

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