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Are you what you hate?

When we have an upset within our lives whether it be a person, thing or situation, we as humans, not everyone, have a tendency to fly into anger. To hate or despise someone or something, why?

What is it going to accomplish? Spewing words of anger, hatred to and about others, accomplishes only one thing......... it puts you and your world into wrath and turmoil.

Why would you want that world to live within yourself? Why would you deliberately make yourself an angry, hateful, rude, unkempt person? What you say about others is a reflection of what you feel within yourself.

Pay attention to what happens around you when you go into that mindset and begin talking. What are people saying? Are people beginning to walk away during a conversation with you? Are they making an attempt to change the subject? Yes, I hear some people already saying "yah, right...whatever".

Something to think about....

What you hate, despise, loath, judge, demean or criticize...... you attract. Take a look in the that the person you want to be? Are you that person already and just did not realize it?

What you see in others, is what you see in yourself.......

Change the way you think, changes the way you see yourself "in others".

Hugs my dear peeps.

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