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What Are You Mirroring and Is Being Mirrored To You, That You May Not Realize?

Over the past year and a half, I have been really paying attention to how I “deliver” myself to people. all people. Do I fall off the wagon? Absolutely however, I make a real conscious effort now to think before I speak.

I now realize that before I really did that, some things I said in defense of myself, justification of myself were teachings that I was receiving. The universe has a real outstanding way of showing you your lessons at times. They come in forms of arguments, discussions, disagreements, misunderstandings, hurtful remarks, gossip and so much more.

You have to remember, maybe for some to realize, that how you treat others, how you talk to them or about them, is a full reflection of something within yourself!

When you are condescending to others, what are you reflecting of yourself? When you berate people, what are you berating yourself for? When you judge others, what judgment are you placing upon yourself? I could go on and on and on.

This also works in an absolute positive sense as well.

If you only see good in others, do you see that within yourself? If you praise others for their kindness, do you see this within yourself? When you comment on how beautiful someone is…….do you realize that you are just as beautiful??

I have been the “butt” of a lot of ridicule, berating, judgement, lies and pretty much everything else in the past few years. When this happened, I felt I had to justify myself or defend myself until I learned…it’s not me and thank you for pointing out to me what you feel is unacceptable so I can correct it! And that, I did and now do.

When I was told that “it’s always about you”. I looked at them and prayed, look in the mirror. When I was told “you’re fat”, I think, please take a look in a mirror. When I was told that “you have issues” It was oh boy check out your back porch before you try to clean others.

People have a tendency to hide their feelings and then lash out at others what they are feeling inside. Some don’t even realize it. Others do.

So, before you say or do anything, check to see if it is truly them or, are you seeing yourself and just don’t want to admit it?

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