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Fake Nice Person??

The article linked to this is a good quick, and I feel mini guide, to understand a "fake nice person. Link is at the bottom.

People mirror us in one way or another. We receive back what we put out however, there are times it defies logic to some and, in my case what happened when my daughter passed....really got me thinking. I know I am a good person, loving person and caring person and will listen if you need to rant, rave or be indifferent. We all need someone to dump to.........

Oh yes, I can spot them! I use to give the "vampires" way too much of my time and energy. Wanting to have "friends", to be accepted, I tried to help them see if they were judgmental, criticizing, condescending or rude. I thought I would be able to change them once it was brought up on how they talked about others. Nope, I only spent a lot of energy and it was exhausting having these kind of people in my life.

I strive to be the best person, friend and/or companion I can be. I make the biggest of efforts to make sure I hold no judgment, be rude and I know that I am not condescending because I know what that feels like way to good!

I really learned the rest of this "lesson" when my daughter passed. While I was looking for assistance for my grief, when I needed support understanding or just someone to talk too, I reached out to those family and friends, that always said, "I'm here for you if you just want to talk", instead, I was criticize and judged? That was the time I found my TRUE friends........... that is when I realized that in reality, you can only trust yourself and Creator.

Know who your true friends are......even if it's blood related. You are worth so much more!!!

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