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About Kathryn

It is difficult at times to describe "what you do?"

I really never know how so, I asked, and this is how they described what I do.  I have been speaking with Spirit since age 2. I think I spoke to them before I actually talked with live people. I don't know how or why, I just do.


"A client recently dubbed me as a “melting pot” because of the different modalities I work with or do. So, here is a snippet….I am Psychic, Medium, Empath, Channel, Transformational Intuitive Life & Business Visionary, Animal Communicator and a Metaphysical Minister. I also work with, and teach colour. By using the psychology, frequencies and language of colour it helps identify, analyze and transform areas of your life that no longer work for you. It is an amazing system called Colour Mirrors.


Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

Colour Mirrors Teacher/Practitioner

Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner

Ordained Metaphysical Minister 

Reiki Master


What is "3rd Language?


It is the language of your ancestors, your Guides/Angels, YOUR universe, what is uniquely for you. I receive the message and then I translate the message so that you are able to understand what it is. I, for the most part, do not understand it but, it is not mine, it is YOURs………….. Kind of cool eh??




** the activity or process of changing the words of one language into the words in another language that have the same meaning **


A friend and colleague wrote- “Kathryn is unlike anyone you will ever meet. She is a Life Advocate with Spirit on her side! She has fully embraced participating in all life has to offer in order to be a vessel of love and light for her clients. The good, the bad and the ugly have served to provide her the necessary experience to protect and guide you back to where peace reigns and joy abounds. Death, as in life, has its beautiful blessings... Kathryn will show you how to find them.”


Becoming a certified as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist® was the missing piece to my career not a job or work because, I love what I do. When I am able to help someone walk through the pain of a loss and back into the world of living, it is always humbling and I am so very grateful.


My experience with grief and loss began very early in life with having to “hide” who I really was. Not being able to be “ME” and then as life went on, sexual abuse happened, loss of children, divorce, loss of jobs, parents, beloved pets, friendships and friends, it can all add up. Even the loss of material items…. YES, we grieve them as well. Over time, I began to bury my pain into work. By doing that other things began to fall apart right before my eyes and I couldn’t see it. I had become numb.


I may read differently from other mediums you may have sat with. I not only read your energy, but I also tap into YOUR universal energies and beyond, assisting people in all aspects of life. From helping them heal after the death of a loved one to recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live a more whole and integrated life. With clear and compassionate wisdom shared through me, I facilitate a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to connection and multi-dimensional existence. Using information received spiritually/energetically I help guide you, empower you and assist you in finding your own healing using your own innate intuitive gifts.


Through clear communication with Spirit, I can help you realize your life path, assisting and guiding, as you become physically, emotionally and energetically “unstuck” and aide you in releasing old patterns so that you can live a fuller life. What habits are keeping you from moving forward in your personal life, career, relationship?

Do you feel so stuck that you just feel like giving up?

We have all heard, at one time or another, “give it time”, “it will get easier”, “you are never given more than you can handle”………….blah, blah, blah. Nothing ever made the pain of the loss get any easier and, no matter what I did, by day’s end, laying in the dark…….it would come back.


It was through the pain of loss that I honed my natural abilities and became a life long student of alternative healing to support others as they navigate their journey through life’s crossroads. I cannot say “I know how you feel” because I do not. Even though we may have gone through the same type of trauma, what you feel is yours and yours alone. I am here to listen and guide you.


Our grief stories do not just appear over night. We quietly add to them over time until they become a heavy weight of emotion, a weight that is capable of paralyzing our ability to live a joyous life.


What else do I do? Well here is some but stay tuned because I never stay still!

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