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Feeling lost, confused and needing reassurance and/or guidance? Stuck, lost, at a crossroads in your life?


Please contact me for further information. (Must be 18 years of age to have a private session)

Appointments are done via phone, video chat, or in person. 

Micro Session

15mins - $60 (must be paid in full at booking)

Excellent when you are stuck and just need a little bit of assistance getting through it.

In-Depth Sessions

45-55 min - $150

1hr-1.10  - $180

1.5 hr  - $240

Over 1.75 hr & up - please contact

(Deposits required to secure your day & time)

These sessions are in-depth and will encompass life, health, career, family, and whatever it is that is going on in your life at that time. 

Numerology (Colour Mirrors)

What do your soul colours (birthdate) look like & say? What does your name say and look like in colour? Does it match you?

Not sure of a wedding date? See it in colour and marry your beloved on the day that resonates with you in colour!

Energy Balance Session

1.5-2hrs -  $333

Are you experiencing things that cannot be explained and you just feel something is out of whack? This session includes balancing using the Colour Mirrors system, reiki, and a mini reading of what comes up around you during the session.

1 day workshop

What colours are you vibrating in at this moment? What does your life look like in colour?


Non-refundable deposit required to assure date.

Contact to find out how the host can receive a complimentary 15-30min sessions for free!

Mini Sessions

30-40 min - $100 (paid in full at time of booking)

Great if you need guidance and direction on a specific thing.

Maintenance Package

4x15min sessions over 4 weeks - $212

Designed to help you move through difficult, challenging or changing periods in your life whether it be personal, financial, career or business related.

Past Life Regression

Having recurring dreams that do not feel like dreams? Craving for a time period that is not this one or feeling lost but you are not? Repeating the same crappy deal time and time again and you don't know why? These are good indications that you are experience past lives. Kathryn is a Certified Practitioner of Past Life Regressions. 

Getting to Know your Chakra's

8 weeks - 2hr classes

Learn how to identify from a body discomfort on what chakra needs healing. Receive meditations to help balance you. Receive affirmations to assist in removing blocks. Learning how to detect which chakra is out of balance. 

This is a wonderful introduction to colour with playful exercises and healing for personal, business and spiritual transformation. It is the recommended course to attend before Colour Practitioner training. It provides a deep and powerful "spiritual healing through colour" experience and allows you to sample what Colour Mirrors has to offer. 


What Clients Say

"Kathryn is an honest, authentic person whom I have known for many years. Her insights and truth have greatly benefited me on many occasions.
I have learned to trust, which is a beautiful gift." - Karen W, British Columbia 
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