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I offer multiple courses to help you learn about your body, chakras, or the Colour Mirrors program. 

"Walk Your Body's Talk" 

This 8 week course will give you a better understanding of how your body works to enable you to connect to your higher self and more. Leading you to a healthier, richer and full life. 

In week 1 we will cover the course outline and get to the root!

Over the next 7 weeks we delve into each chakra:

  • Learn about and understand the 7 major chakras and the 21 minor chakras and how they affect us

  • Techniques on how to clear/clean and raise your energy centres.

  • Higher consciousness learning of each chakra

  • Learn what body parts are associated to each chakra

  • Meditations to assist you to move from old dense colours and into the new 5D frequencies.

Maximum of 4 people in each class. 

Private classes encouraged. Save 10% if you register with a friend. 

Please contact me for more details. 


Expansion through Colour

What a better way to introduce yourself to colour. This two day course of fun and playful exercises as well as healing for personal, business, and spiritual transformation. 

Highly recommend to attend before the Colour Practitioner training. It allows you to see and experience what the colour Mirrors system provides, and by using the colours there is more spiritual healing. 


Colour Mirrors Practitioners Course

This 9 day program (over 9 intensive days or over 3 weekends) will teach you the 19 Colours psychological and analytical meanings. The colour mirrors system that comprises 87 dual coloured bottles and 42 spritzer essences past lives in colour. Along with :

  • Higher consciousness learning of each colour

  • The spiritual principles derived from the Melchizedek teachings

  • The new chakra colours that include gold, silver, platinum and diamond that raise your body frequency from 3D to 5D

  • Chakra balancing techniques on how to raise your clients from the old denser colours of reds, yellows and greens to the new 5D frequencies

  • Learn 10 different types of colour readings you can offer clients using the Colour Mirrors bottles and star chart

Start up Bottle Set: you need approximately 26 bottles of your choice to start working with colour analysis as a business. There are no hidden membership or annual fees
A small initial fee will be charged to register your biography and details onto the main website as a practitioner if you require that service

Course Fee CAD$ 2500 + tax

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