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Transformational Life & Business Visionary
Seer & Energy Worker
Spiritual Guide


The Blue Hair Medium.




Bring YOUR Life into Alignment. 


"When you are looking uncertainty in the eye, Kathryn's intuitive lens brings you clarity." 

Job loss (or any major transition for that matter) can set even the most confident person on a path of self doubt. 

 • What do I do now? • Is this a sign to try something new?  •

• Should I start my own business? • Should I move for a fresh start? •

• I think I know what to do but confirmation would be helpful. •

Kathryn uses multiple modalities to bring clarity, reassurance, confidence and relief to her global clients in transition. The answers you're search for are right before you. Kathryn can be the bridge between what your higher self knows and what your physical self is seeking. 

• Answers • Guidance • Confirmation • Energize your creativity • 

• See a future of possibilities • Tap deeper to your intuition • 

• Connect to your souls purpose •



Feeling lost, confused and needing reassurance and/or guidance from a past loved one?

Stuck, lost, at a crossroad in your life? Each session can provide clarity. 

Chakra Balancing

Readings that help realign your chakras and life. 

Past Life Regressions

Find clarity in the present by visiting your past.

Colour Mirrors

What is the colour of your soul?

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Energetic Spiritual Readings

Connecting into your energy, vibration & spiritual guides.


Stay Tuned for Future Events

Book an Appointment

Feeling stuck? Need some guidance? Reach out for an appointment.

There is no distance between us. Appointments are done via phone, video chat, or in person. 

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